Show Description

Outdoor performances and Street Theartre.

Indoor performances - Please note that sections 1,3 and 5 may not be appropriate for stage shows.
Outdoor duration Approximately 45 minutes.
Indoor duration 30 minutes approximately.
Technical requirements for most outdoor shows and small stage performances.
Andy Zap comes with his own playback and battery operated P.A.

1 Andy Zap gathers a large audience using Mike Mimicry, which is the art of hiding, while improvising comments about what is going on in the performance space. Using tactful observations he comments on what passers by look like or maybe what they are thinking. In other words a casual passer by wearing a suit and dark glasses, becomes a Russian spy with microfilm. This section has often been described as the most inventive, funny and ingenious part of the show.

2 Using A powerful medley soundtrack, Andy Zap takes us on a journey through dance, comedy, puppetry, prop manipulation and costume change.

3 For the family show Andy Zap invites a child to perform with him. Using dance music he encourages the child to mimic him and eventually outdo him in dance steps and gestures. This routine is a particular winner, because of Andy Zapís ability to relate to children.

4 This routine is a highly original transformation of Andy Zaps character. Using that wonderful invention of Velcro, his costume transforms himself into a sleaze 70ís disco king only to be stripped away to a 90ís disco queen, followed by a principle ballet piece, culminating in a fiery hard rock.

5 He performs his fire dance, highly technical shows of fire juggling combined with dance.

6 The Finale.
Using three audience members are dressed up in Afro wigs and gold chains and are shown how to "get down," in an imagined 1970ís disco. A love triangle evolves where the woman runs off with a complete stranger and the two remaining men run towards each other in slow motion to the song of ďLets get it oníĒ by Marvin Gaye. -This just has to be seen!


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